Dear Friends of the Fire Department,

We have sent out our annual fund drive information for 2014, and you should be receiving letters like the one posted below.

We truly appreciate your support of the department and are already working hard to purchase equipment that will enable us to find your home faster in an emergency. We envision placing a low cost tablet in each vehicle that will show the exact address and locations for all residences, businesses, and fire hydrants within the township. We will also have the capability to load pre-incident fire plans for businesses into the system, giving our first responders immediate access in an emergency. These tablets are powered through AT&T wireless so that we are able to receive new emergency call information to the device even while out in the field.

This is just one of the many ways that we are making the investment back into the community and the kind people that we serve. If you are interested in a donation through PayPal with a credit card, please click the Donate link below.

Thanks again for your continued support,

The dedicated volunteers of York Township Fire Department

View the official 2014 Fund Drive mailing