EMS Division

Fire Based Response

York Township Fire Department is a Pennsylvania Department of Health certified Quick Response Service (QRS). We are licensed to provide basic life support in a first responder capacity while our primary transport units may be on other calls. Additionally we provide assistance to our EMS partners when the call for service needs an immediate response with additional EMS trained personnel. These call for services include unconscious patients, cardiac arrests and instances where the EMS units need any additional help. We provide this service with Rescue 19, Service 19 and Car 19.

Paramedic Based Response

York Regional Emergency Medical Services Inc. operates a 24-hour a day paramedic ambulance from the York Township Fire Department. This unit, MICU 19, responds to over 2,000 emergency 911 calls every year. York Regional EMS, formerly Yoe Ambulance Service, was found in 1972. In October of 2004 a staffed ambulance was instituted at the York Township Fire Department as a partnership with York Regional EMS. The unit was originally designated as Ambulance 36-3, but was soon changed to Ambulance 19. The last time an ambulance was based in this area of York Township was in 1963 and since 1977 an ambulance based at the York Township Fire Department was proposed on three separate occasions.

At its onset, Ambulance 19 was only staffed Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM. But by 2007, at the request of the York Township Board of Commissioners and with their support, response area was realigned to provide ample emergency call volume to support an ambulance staffed 24-hours a day. In 2009 Ambulance 19 was re-licensed by the Pennsylvania Department as an Advanced Life Support (ALS) unit and it was re-designated as MICU 19.

For more information about York Regional EMS, or to become an ambulance subscriber, please visit us at: www.yorkregionalems.org