Rescue Squad (2013 KME Severe Service)

2 Man Cab, Walk in rescue with 4 seats in rear. AMKUS ultimate system, 20kw Generator, Willburt Light tower, (3) 6000 psi air system for tools and confined space packs.

Command 19 (2005 Chevy Tahoe)

Command 19 is a 2005 Chevy Tahoe, which was purchased from EMS Chief 36 in 2010. The command vehicle is used by the officers of the department while on duty. The vehicle is equipped with Basic Life Support equipment as well as fire police equipment and an incident command box in the rear. We also carry two water rescue life vest, an air pack, halligan bar and flat head axe. The command vehicle is equipped with whelen lighting and siren from South Central Emergency Products. The warning devices and Havis shield console were all installed in house by the members of YTFD.

Engine 19-1 (2004 Pierce Dash)

Engine 19 is a 2004 Pierce Dash pumper. This Engine is first out on all first due structure and vehicle fire responses and second out on entrapment calls. Engine 19 has a 2000 GPM Hale single stage pump. The engine carries 750 gallons of water and has a CAFS system with a 30 gallon AFFF and a 20 gallon class A Foam tank. The engine is also equipped with a 10 KW Harrison Hydraulic generator that powers a 3600 watt Wilburt light tower and a 200 foot electric cord. Engine 19 carries 1100 feet of 5" supply line, has 2-200' 1 3/4" cross lays, 1 200' 2" cross lay, 150' 1 3/4" bumper line and a 300' pre-connected blitzfire line. The engine is also equipped with a Lukas portable power plant, that powers a combi-tool, O-cutter and small ram. Other equipment carried consist of multiple hand tools, a Stihl chain saw and a Partner forcible entry saw.

Tower Ladder 19 (2003 Seagrave Aerial Scope 95')

Tower 19 is a 2003 95' Seagrave Aerial Scope with a six man cab. The tower is powered by a 475 HP Detroit Diesel with a 5 speed Automatic Allison transmission. Tower 19 is second out on all structure responses. The tower is equipped with an MSA thermal imaging camera, MSA four gas meter and six MSA air packs. Tower 19 also carries a large variety of rope rescue equipment, RIT gear, cordless power tools, two forcible entry bags and three different sized electric positive pressure fans. Also located on the tower are two cutters edge saws, one forcible entry saw and a Partner K950 vent saw with a warthog blade. The tower also carries a variety of water rescue equipment for each rider on the rig. Tower 19 was purchased used in 2010 from Command Fire Apparatus in Lancaster.

QRS/Service 19 (2003 Chevy Silverado)

Qrs 19/Service 19 is a multi-purpose vehicle. QRS/Service 19 is a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500. Its first purpose is as a Quick Response Unit (QRS) on all class one medical calls. It is equipped with a Automated External Defibrillator (AED), suction unit and a first in bag with almost everything needed for patient stabilization. its second purpose is as a chase vehicle for all non-medical calls. QRS/Service 19 also can pull either a foam trailer loaded with extra containers of foam or an arrowstick trailer for traffic control.